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Nahason Bastin (Website Version) is a blogger-based website founded by Nahason Bastin when he was a junior class. Himself builds a website based on distraction and heaps of tasks that are so dearly discarded. But thanks to his keusilannya, he input the task into his blogger-based Web site.

Nahason Bastin (Website Version) now give some information about otaku, anime, or etc to reader with my writer style. Our website also give some good information to reader.

In addition, we also have an active Youtube channel with gaming-gaming content that is in progress. We are happy when the readers can see our gaming channel and read the article in this blog.

Articles in this blog are in progress and will continue to be improved in order to get the information that is quite true in the minds of the minds of all readers.

To contact us directly, you can contact him via email on Contact form page (via email). And it is expected not to send spam and negative things in our contact page.

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Team :

Nahason Bastin --> Foundation, Writter at Anime Review, Game Review, Walktought, and Toplist. (with 2nd Account too)

need one?? and more member :(

We are very glad if you can contact us well without disturbing our daily life.

All of About Me. thank you

Update at : Wednesday, 10th May 2017.